Performance Test Code 17 (PTC-17) is the general guideline from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for Testing Internal Combustion Engines.

Testing an engine to achieve the right result on the first attempt is a complicated task and requires an intimate familiarity and expertise. Advanced Engine Technologies Corp. (AETC) is the top qualified candidate remaining in the United States. With over 20 years of experience running emissions and performance testing, AETC values team effort and collaborates with our clients to complete the task within their schedule. We manage the work from initial site meetings to final report to the AQMD.

Helping our clients complete the test properly the first time defines what AETC is well-known for in the gas machinery industry, along with our commitment to customer service and exceeding your project schedule expectations.

How AETC Runs the Emissions and Performance Test

The test is similar to the RATA (Relative Accuracy Test Audit) at three different loads. AETC field test engineers manually record Fuel Flow, Engine Output and other system parameters required by PTC-17. To ensure the accuracy and validity of the test data, AETC also backs up the manual data with the use of our signature mapping program which digitally records all test data.