Advanced NSCR

South Coast Air Quality Management District enacted Rule 1110.2 – if you are an engine operator under this rule you are intimately familiar with the consequences. For most rich burn engine operators this has meant weekly emissions testing, additional record keeping, and added maintenance expenses. In some cases, this has even resulted in costly attempts to comply by any means possible (see picture below) resulting in the risk of engine shut-downs.

However, most engine operators have found that the best solution to this problem is to replace the relatively cheap EGO sensor as needed. While this gets the job done in the short term, it’s in no way an engineered fix since it does not address the core problem: automotive sensors are the wrong device for continuous control applications.

Advanced Engine Technologies Corporation (AETC) has been relentlessly pursuing this issue and with the aid of industry-sponsored R&D projects, we have found a viable solution – the AFM1000+ smart NSCR sensor. AETC has collaborated with industry leader ECM to co-develop this “smart sensor” specifically designed to meet the challenges of SCAQMD’s rule 1110.2.

The AFM1000+ offers the following benefits:

  • No change to existing air permit

  • Works with any modern AFR controller

  • Automatically compensates for catalyst degradation

  • Simple installation and does not change AFR configuration

  • Indefinite sensor life providing normal operating conditions

  • Reduced maintenance costs