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In September of 1988, engineers with extensive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) experience in engine design, development, testing and field support formed Advanced Engine Technologies Corporation (AETC). At the time of our formation, AETC primarily provided warranty support, various field test services, and failure analysis for OEM’s. Our signature applications focused on diesel and dual fuel engines in marine and co-generation. During that time, AETC supported new technology development, publishing one of the first papers on micro-pilot dual fuel engines in 1990. While presenting that paper at an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) conference, Greg Beshouri, AETC’s future president, met Jim McCoy. At that time, Jim McCoy worked for one of the major pipeline companies and was very excited about new technologies (some things never change!). Jim introduced AETC to the PRCI and a number of other technical leaders in the pipeline industry. There was no going back. The pipeline went from 0% of AETC’s income in 1988 to over 70% today.

Since the 1990’s, AETC has worked on a number of other PRCI related projects including: the PEMS Guidelines, Emissions trade-offs and Advanced 2 Stroke Cycle Engine Controls. These initiatives have resulted in products which AETC has directly sold to end users and/or licensed to leading providers in the industry.

AETC attributes its success to the strong relationships it has developed with partners including major pipelines, research institutions like the National Gas Machinery Lab (NGML) and a collection of innovative technology providers. With the help of our partners, AETC developed cutting-edge concepts on engine control, fused PEMS and combustion monitoring to create very accurate combustion based PEMS, developed very effective methods for specifying upgraded engine performance, and much more.

Many of the products and technologies developed by AETC for the pipeline market have migrated into other engine markets including distributed power generation and waste water co-generation. These developments have heavily impacted the industry by granting the ability to handle infinitely variable fuel gas composition and cost-effective compliance monitoring concepts. AETC has even applied technology which started in this industry to asphalt heaters.

AETC Core Competency List

  • Greg Beshouri

    • Modeling and evaluation of transient crankshaft loads induced by out-of-phase synchronization

    • Failure analysis of medium-speed engine two-piece pistons which suffered loss of pre-load and crown retention while in operation

    • Experimental and analytical investigation of a main engine crankshaft failure due to excessive coupling stiffening induced by ice-impact

    • Coordination of field testing and analysis of the first electronic fuel injection system for dual fuel engines

    • Detailed quantitative and qualitative evaluation of new technology pressure sensors for continuous combustion pressure monitoring

    • Detailed quantitative and qualitative evaluation of new technology Ion Sensors for continuous combustion pressure monitoring

    • Development of PEMS for various IC engines and other combustion sources, including development of a system satisfying the rigorous requirements of SCAQMD’s RECLAIM emissions trading program

    • Development of unique single parameter methodologies for modeling emissions from internal combustion engines

  • Bob Goffin

    • Research Test Design and Implementation

    • Large Scale Data Storage, Reduction, and Analysis

    • Engine testing & mapping

    • PEMS and Data Monitoring System Design

  • Mike Hartwig, P.E.

    • PLC Programming

    • Enterprise Engine and Design Expert

    • Controls Expert

  • John Millott

    • Cylinder Pressure and Ion Sense monitoring system design, installation, and testing

    • Engine Mapping measurement system design, configuration and operation

  • Gerry Fischer

    • Developed test stand equipment and control systems

    • Formulated detailed theoretical models

    • Supervised and mentored 13 graduate students during doctoral studies

    • Supervised technicians, procurement departments, and project subcontractors

  • Bud Trussell

    • Installation, trouble-shooting, performance testing and failure analysis of more than 500 Diesel, Dual-Fuel and Spark-Ignited Gas Engines and Reciprocating Compressors throughout the world.

    • Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in Canada as well as being a member of the American Society of Engineers.

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